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After viewing hundreds of business broker’s websites we have come to the realization that one thing most brokers are lacking is website marketing expertise. We were amazed at how poor and unprofessional many of the business broker’s websites are. When someone with $500K or $5 million is ready to invest and wants the assistance from a business broker, if they choose to search on the internet for brokers, their selection process will be largely based on what they see on your website.

Your website is like the lobby of your company. If the lobby is shabby then that is a reflection of the type of business you have. Some of the business broker websites have a professional look but much of the basic information is hidden deep inside the site that a prospect buyer or seller might just click back and search for another broker out of pure frustration. Here are recommendations for business brokers on how to improve their website by making some fundamental and basic changes to their site.

Points to remember:
1. Your website is your storefront display window
2. Your website is your business card
3. How does your website compare to your competitors?
4. Do you update the information on your website often?
5. When was the last time you gave you website a facelift?
6. Does your website reflect your professional image?
7. Is it time to update your website to reflect the image you would like your firm to portray

Contact Information:

The contact information should be easy to locate but with a lot of brokers it the biggest fault. You should have two basic places where you post your contact information, somewhere on the homepage with full contact information or a tab or link labeled Contact. The contact link should be accessible from every page on your website. The moment the prospect decides you are the company they want to use, they should have that information at their fingertips. Many brokers post their contact information along with their professional profiles and biographies. This means that in order to find the contact information they first have to find the profiles. This is OK as long as the general office phone number, address and email is located in the obvious areas mentioned above. I feel that companies that include a contact name and title are at an advantage. People should know who to call for when calling your business. Think of your website as your business card.

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